Mark sommerville

Video Creator / Creative director

Formerly: creative director for one of the biggest creators in the world
Now: creating my own videos and helping others do the same
5 billion organic views and counting...I help creators + entrepreneurs + brands level up their video content with creative direction, content strategy, and video production.

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How I can help

What can I help you with?
Creating content that drives results for your brand
Content strategy sessions -identify opportunities and areas of growth for your content with executable ideas
Content consulting for brands -generate and refine ideas for your content and streamline the video-making process
Video production for brands -create videos for your pages or ads
Creator coaching for individuals -prioritize your content with trusted feedback that will speed up your creator journey
What's my experience?
Creative consultant for clients with over 125M Followers
With over 5B organic views with my clients
Former Creative Director for Zach King. We worked together for 8 years before I branched out to start my own venture. A few notable things from that time:5+ Billion viewsGrew from 1 million to over 100 million global followersBranded Content for Fortune 100 companies

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